Lucinda Williams and Buick 6

Lucinda Williams and Buick 6

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Saturday, March 4, 2017
Gates 7:00PM | Starts 8:00PM
$43.50 – General Admission Standing Room Only

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We’ve all heard about the iconic vibe of Route 66, the neon lights on Broadway and the ocean air of the Pacific Coast
Highway. But there are untold stories emanating from countless blue highways across the land – like Interstate 20, which
cuts a 1500-mile swath from South Carolina to Texas, and cuts deep into the spirit of those who’ve spent their lives
traversing it. Lucinda Williams is one of those people, and with the expansive, enveloping The Ghosts of Highway 20, she
brings those stories to life – and gives listeners a remarkably vivid look at how the highway has been a literal and
figurative backdrop throughout her entire life. The intensely involving 14-song collection may be the most deeply felt,
deeply affecting work of Lucinda Williams’ illustrious 35-plus-year career, a career that has been established on a
foundation of remarkably personal songs. “It is literally a map of my life in a lot of ways,” says Lucinda. “We were driving
between shows and between cities, and I kept seeing things that brought me back to times and places in my past. Like
when we played in Macon, Georgia, a place I lived when I was five or six years old, I got out of the bus and I was
transported back to when I saw this street singer, Blind Pearly Brown. It was like nothing had changed. All these things
started percolating in my brain, and the songs just came.”

Lucinda Williams has been maneuvering down a path all her own for more than three decades now, emerging from Lake
Charles, Louisiana, where her iconoclastic upbringing helped her forge the stunning Lucinda Williams (aka, the Rough
Trade album). Somehow, that milestone 1988 set eventually disappeared from shelves, but was reissued 25 years later,
as a deluxe edition that garnered unanimous acclaim -- including Jim Farber of New York’s Daily News hailing it by calling
it “A perfect work. There’s not a chord, lyric, beat or inflection that doesn’t pull at the heart or make it soar.”

For much of the ‘90s, Lucinda moved around the country, turning out work that won immense respect inside the
industry – as borne out by the GRAMMY afforded Mary Chapin Carpenter’s interpretation of Williams’ “Passionate
Kisses.” While her recorded output was sparse for a time, the work that did was invariably hailed for its indelible
impressionism – like 1998’s Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, which notched her a second GRAMMY Award. Over the next
decade, she crafted such classic sets as West (2007), and Blessed (2011), which the Los Angeles Times dubbed “a dynamic,
human, album, one that’s easy to fall in love with.”

Lucinda credits the injection of vitality and passion that emerged in part to Tom Overby, her partner in both life and
music, who’s acted as both a sounding board and collaborator, contributing production ideas and offering
encouragement to forge forward in directions that she might not have otherwise explored. That creative connection has
grown increasingly electric over the years, as borne out by 2014’s Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone, which Blurt’s
Fred Mills referred to as “A snapshot—or feature length film, take your pick – of a woman fully renewed and at the height
of her creative powers.” The album won the 2015 Americana Music Association Award for Album of the Year.

Butch, David, and Stuart started Buick 6 while working day jobs at Krispy Kreme. Butch was the cream filler, David the glazer, and Stuart was the master batter mixer. During their breaks, they would sequester themselves in Butch’s Ford E25- Econoline van, where they had built a small rehearsal studio, and practice/hone their special brand of instrumental music. Many frustrating years would pass until one fateful Monday afternoon when Lucinda Williams came in, on her regular Monday donut run, and heard this “rocking” sound emanating from the van. She pulled out her cassette recorder and secretly taped some of the Buick 6 jams. She hurried home and played the music for her producer/husband, Tom Overby, who quickly surmised that something “special” was going on here. In 2014 Tom decided to sign them to their first record deal on Highway 20/Thirty Tigers Records.

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